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GSG Interview with Justin Sommer

Piqua Ohio’s Economic Development Manager; Justin Sommer, speaks about the benefits of the GSG labor survey in his town.

Jim Renzas, Principal of the RSH Group

Jim Renzas, an experienced site selector, tells us just how critical it is to have your labor data prepared in order to even be considered by site selectors. Having good data proves to the site selectors that you have the labor that they are looking for.

Jasen Jones, Executive Director SW Missouri WIB

Find out why WIB executive director Jasen Jones chose GSG for their labor report over other competitors. Learn how having up-to-date, high-quality reports can tip the difference in winning projects. Learn how GSG reports have superior data breakouts, survey techniques, and economic development orientation.

GSG Interview With Phil Santer

discussing why GSG Labor Supply Certification Report is essential for attracting new jobs to their area.

GSG Interview with Jeremiah Johnson

GSG talks with Jeremiah Johnson, VP of Business Development Director with Great Falls Development Authority. They are talking about the labor report they just received from GSG.


  • “I think one of the most valuable features of working with GSG was actually in their staff and their capacity with their partnerships and such, there were very knowledgeable people within GSG that helped fine tune the questions and really tweak things to make sure we were getting the right questions asked and getting the right data back from our stakeholders and citizens.”

    Jasen Jones
  • “any other economic development organization or workforce intermediary such as ours would find a lot of value in looking at GSG for the provider of labor studies of this nature; cost is reasonable in terms of value received and there’s just an amazing set of deliverables that really help us do our jobs better.”  

    Jasen Jones
  • “We know more about our labor market as a result of working with GSG and I think any forward thinking region, their workforce and economic development partners alike, would find a lot of benefit to this approach.”

    Jasen Jones

About GSG

Ever wonder why that “other” community consistently has success with existing business expansion, new entrepreneurial development, and new business attraction? Ever wonder why not our community? Ever have an elected official or someone from your non-profit board question why your community didn’t win that recent project?

According to Area Development Magazine’s 12th Annual Consultants Survey, the availability of labor and labor costs are the number one and number two most important site selection factors for company’s evaluating communities for business investment. With this in mind, it is critical for communities to be prepared for these conversations by positioning themselves for success by commissioning a third-party labor certification of the Area Labor Market.

A primary GSG goal is to help clients address the ongoing market and workforce needs of both existing and prospective businesses to promote investment within their region. New investment leads to creation of new jobs, increased tax base for taxing jurisdictions and municipalities and diversification of the local economy.

Is Your Community Prepared?
Get Our White Paper on Preparedness.

In my conversations with site selection consultants and corporate real estate representatives, they consistently share their frustrations regarding communities that are not prepared to engage in the site selection process. In many cases, these communities have assets that are attractive to companies but the communities aren’t in a position to quantify these deliverables. More often than not, these communities are eliminated from consideration and may not ever know that they were.

Get this white paper to find out what you can do to prepare your community.

Availability of skilled labor? Cost?
Prepared to quantify your workforce?

Find out with  the Free GSG Labor Certification Index

Take this brief survey (20 questions) and we will provide you with a snapshot of your community’s readiness to:
• Retain existing businesses
• Attract new businesses, and
• Grow small businesses within your community

For your participation in this survey, GSG will compile responses from around the country and provide you with a snapshot of your community’s Labor Certification Index as well as comparisons to show how your community ranks with other respondent’s.

Thank you for your willingness to participate in this survey.

Our Proprietary Process

  • Public Data

    We source available public data, and mine it for our purposes

  • Custom Research

    We do our own surveys for data that does not exist publically

  • Proprietary Algorithms

    We use proprietary mathematical formulas to weight and sort the data.

  • Actionable Reports

    Our reports lead your organization to action, and allow others to see the benefits of your workforce.


We strongly endorse Growth Services Group as a premier supplier of work force data reporting. Their quality of labor reporting is not just critical, it is essential in the work that we do as site selectors. —James Renzas, Principal of the RSH Group.

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