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Hear from Ken Camilleri

Discuss the Hotel Feasibility study done by GSG, for Pine City, Minnesota.

GSG Interview With Phil Santer
discussing why GSG Labor Supply Certification Report is essential for attracting new jobs to their area.

“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.”
W. Edwards Deming

Our Proprietary Process

  • Public Data

    We source available public data, and mine it for our purposes

  • Custom Research

    We do our own surveys for data that does not exist publically

  • Proprietary Algorithms

    We use proprietary mathematical formulas to weight and sort the data.

  • Actionable Reports

    Our reports lead your organization to action, and allow others to see the benefits of your workforce.


We strongly endorse Growth Services Group as a premier supplier of work force data reporting. Their quality of labor reporting is not just critical, it is essential in the work that we do as site selectors. —James Renzas, Principal of the RSH Group.

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