Site selectors prefer our reports

Site selectors prefer our reports because they deliver what site selectors want—Certified Labor. Every site selector starts by evaluating the statistical realities of potential sites. GSG quantifies labor by type, quality, availability, cost and other data points. This provides objective numbers for site selectors to compare regions in their selection process. Sites which have no objective data about their labor often get passed over for sites who do have the data. GSG is creating the standard for labor certification so that site selectors will consider your location.

Labor is a key factor in site selection

In fact in Area Development magazine’s 2014 Corporate Survey, “availability of skilled labor” was the number one response. GSG reports quantify your labor availability so that your labor force assets are clear to those who are looking to potentially employ them.

Proprietary algorithms and methods

More that just raw data. We have algorithms that weigh the data, and make it useful. How significant is a data point? How statistically reliable is the data? How does it compare to other data nationally and locally? These proprietary formulas have been honed and refined by years of experience to yield superior analytical results.

Primary data collection

Many firms use only publicly available data, and some times don’t even refine the data for you. We use primary data, which is data that we collect first hand from employers, households, consumers and other sources. This is data unique to your report and will give you an advantage over public data that can sometimes be aged or not specific enough for your particular situation.

Years of experience

GSG has been doing this since 1994, and is staffed by individuals who have over 60+ years cumulatively in Business Development.

Built by economic developers with winning track records

We work and have worked in economic development, so we have first hand knowledge. We have landed large development projects and we know what it takes, and we are here to help you win as well.

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