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This area of research, from the household survey, reflects the views and perspective of workers and non-employed from age 18 through 64 and represents the supply side of the workforce. The findings reflect both the current and desired work opportunities of the Available and the Underemployed component of the workforce. This data complements public data sources since it only reflects a component of the total workforce.

Household Survey

The Availability Survey identifies information from the worker and non-employed perspective and provides information from the supply side of labor markets.

The purpose of the study will be to assess the characteristics of the labor pool by identifying the following:

  • What proportion of the labor force (employed, unemployed, homemaker, student and retired) would seriously consider applying for a new employment opportunity?
  • What concerns (pay, benefits, commuting distance) influence their decisions?
  • What is the quality of those seriously considering an employment opportunity?
  • The degree of underemployment is also assessed; that is identifying individuals possessing skills and/or training that exceed the responsibilities of their current job.

Workforce Availability Report

  • Underemployment
  • Available Skills
  • Desired Wages

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