About this Report

This area of research reflects the views and perspective of employers only and represents the demand side of the workforce. The report is based on the current or existing workforce assets with relative skills ratings and rankings, skills and training needs and other recruitment related issues indicating changes and trends of the workforce.

Employer Survey

The Demand Survey will identify information on the labor force from the employer’s perspective and provides information for the demand side of labor markets.

Objectives of the survey:

  • Determine the employment profile such as Satisfaction Ratings and Quality.
  • Ascertain the need for skills and training based on local needs.
  • Identify workforce issues in the areas of employee recruitment, training, skills and availability as they reflect the local issues.
  • Identify business labor issues resulting from change in technology, competition and markets, which impact on productivity and performance.

Workforce Assessment Report

  • Employment
  • Skills
  • Practices
  • Wages


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