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We can provide the characteristics, sources, and destinations of employed workers and where they live and where they work. Labor Market information for where workers live and work is available from the Census Block level to the city, the county, and a multi-county region, making it an important tool for businesses, developers, and planners. The Commuter Worker Flow Report utilizes Local Employment Dynamics (LED) interactive data tools and their partnership with the U.S. Census.

Commuting Worker Flow Sources, Destinations, and Characteristics

Do you know where your Workers live and where they work? Get more answers to the following questions and many more:

  • Is your community a magnet for employment or a labor force provider?
  • What are the characteristics of workers who commute in, out, and within your community or regional labor market?
  • How many workers employed in a nearby city live in your community? What are the characteristics of those workers?
  • Where do young workers live who are employed in your geographic area?
  • Where are the workplace destinations for workers living in your community or neighborhood?
  • How does your employment area compare in terms of worker origin patterns, worker ages, monthly earnings, and industry-sector employment?
  • How is the area changing over time and among different demographics?
  • How many workers that earn more than $3,333 a month live in a certain residential area and work downtown or other industry concentration?
  • How many potential employees live or work near a candidate site location?


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