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Consumer research can be conducted in several ways: through Census Bureau demographics or through surveys where numeric projections can be made for market share, customer satisfaction, image or awareness studies.

Information about consumers can be collected by In-Person or Intercept Interviews and by Household Telephone Surveys. The Intercept Survey would be conducted at different locations and different times to reflect the perceptions of consumers’ lifestyle, interests and shopping patterns.

The Household Telephone Survey would be conducted by phone and on a random basis in the target community and surrounding communities. To the extent possible, the questions would be similar to the Intercept Survey to determine the difference in perception of those shopping and visiting and those who may not be frequent visitors. In both cases the demographic breakdown would include where the customer lives and works.

Focus groups can also be helpful to establish goals and objectives and finalize the questionnaires to reflect the local situation.

Considering the hundreds of traditional Census demographic variables, business decisions can be arrived at with confidence and clarity. Data is available at national, state, county, MSA, place, Zip Code or block levels. Depending on the situation the information can be presented in numerous ways to best reflect the area and market realities. This area includes not only population data but also the economic and social data for further analysis.

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