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About this Report

Growth Services’ Customized Survey Research is designed to gather the survey data and deliver information you require for strategic decision support.

Communities, Employers, Membership Organizations, and Education Institutions utilize our services.

We provide research services on what attracts people and business and how a win-win can be positive for the Workforce and Economic Development. A poor Quality of Life or Business Climate can be a negative for communities.

    • Focus:

Helping organizations and communities increase their economic competitiveness through people.

    • Survey Solutions:

For Employers, Communities and Membership Organizations.

    • Survey Methodology:

While Growth Services specializes in online or internet surveys, we recognize that other methodologies may be required. Methodologies utilized include: Telephone, mail, internet, Corporate Intranet, or onsite intercept surveys.

    • Questions to Ask about the:

Current Situation
Vision for the Future and what needs to be changed
Suggestions and Recommendations for making needed changes

    • Surveys enable Organizations to:

Identify hidden problems, opportunities and possible solutions
Reduce costs and increase profit when survey findings are implemented
Focus resources on highest priority and largest payback areas
Make better, more informed decisions
Increase employee engagement, satisfaction, and performances
Enhance your organization’s reputation, image, and effectiveness
Achieve higher levels of effectiveness
Become more competitive

    • Survey Technology:

For larger survey research projects, Growth Services can provide online project coordination with a dedicated portal available through username and password access only. Upon survey completion, a time-limited online query for data aggregation will be available as determined in advance. The query can provide your organization with further information by location, department, etc. for differences and similarities to overall norms and strategic decision making. This is provided with the latest technology for security and confidentiality for the user.

We accept Request for Proposals (RFPs) and provide free proposals.

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